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Thursday night after dinner, I finally got to sit down and get to working on that baby cardigan. Ryan starts us an episode of “Lost” (yes, we are just now watching the series), and apparently I should not knit while that show is playing. Here is how the night transpired.

First episode starts, I start knitting. Three rows in, I realize I was off on my row counts and repeated a cable.

frog me knot pink baby owl cardigan

So I tink that back and get at it again. By the end of the first episode I had the joy of getting to knit the same three rows twice. Two episodes, and a good deal of progress later I was pleased enough with my work to go to bed and finish this tomorrow.
frog me knot pink baby owl cardigan

As you can see I had separated the sleeves off and was about to start my second set of owls, great progress for the night!! I slept well knowing that I had plenty of time finish what was left in the morning.

First thing in the morning I get up and get started, knit a couple of rows, check my work. Then it hits me, and cursing ensues. (If you are super observant you already see my issue). There several rows back I broke the garter stitch button band.frog me knot pink baby owl cardigan

There just at the bottom of the owl…. I start looking around the living room like I was worried someone else had seen. Maybe if no one did, then no one but myself would know. The person receiving the gift had no idea that this was not how it was supposed to look! My only creative option for flubbing it was to use a marker and draw it into garter stitch (which I briefly considered).

Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist, and this mistake had to be fixed. I am not skilled enough to drop the edge stitches and work them back up appropriately. Something evil happens to that very last stitch, where you knit into the stitch you just created. This is something that only very special demons understand. So this happened.

frog me knot pink baby owl cardigan

Just like that, my knitting progress had ended up like every one of those people on that show… LOST. Ryan was on his way out the door for work at this point.

Ryan: “Don’t you have to have that finished by today?”
Me: “Yeah, I can totally make up for all this lost knitting!”
Ryan while snickering: “Hmm. Yeah, good luck with that.”

So, now I had to make a decision. Do I call off the project, or make a mad dash and knit with speed and precision I have never had before?

Well, I may have sold my soul today…

frog me knot pink baby owl cardigan

I apologize for the single crappy photo, I had only a few minutes to get it wrapped and ready for its recipient before a dinner with Ryan’s coworkers. But that photo aside, I LOVE IT!!! I cannot believe I was so put off from making it (I blame exhaustion). It turned out perfectly, and I truly hope the mother loves and gets a good deal of use from it.

Details about the yarn and pattern can be found on my Ravelry.

P.S. You don’t want to know how much caffeine I had to drink to get that done. (It was enough to make me sweat uncontrollably all through the dinner)


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